Thinking Fast and Slow… by Daniel Kahneman

Howdy fam,

It’s that time again and yet another book is down the noggin and this one was a duezy. There aint no way that I’m gonna fit all the goodies from this gem into this post but I’ll do my best to convey how cool this book is and how much it means to your life to understand or at least be aware of how the two systems in your brain the fast and the slow systems work together to create your experience and shape all your decisions and how they can and are being influenced right this very moment… without you even realizing it!

That’s right this very moment what you are doing is being guided by unseen forces that shape your decisions and who you believe that you are, and they are almost impossible to override, even when they go against your best interest, your instinctual system often runs you like a race, and what you think is you is often a lot of post-mortem assessments of decisions that you made, but the only problem is that those decisions are highly influenced by silly or seemingly insignificant stimuli from the outside world, like finding a dime on a printer that changes how happy you see your life as being. Or how about how most people choose a long drawn out medium pain as opposed to a short intense pain, or how we choose a terrible experience over and over again as long as it ends well, and how we weight the value on our existence on how it ends, not how it is lived…

If this stuff spikes a curiosity in you get out and get your face or ears into this book, it’s a keeper and if your like me and fancy yourself to have a brain for business you’re not gonna want to miss how these subjects apply to making that cash-o -laaaa!

The Book of EST, by Luke Rhinehart

Back in the 70’s Erhard Seminar Training (EST) was the legendary, controversial enlightenment training.  And since the training has now been discontinued this book is a recreation of what the training was like from the authors point of view.

I didn’t go seeking this book out but it was a recommendation of Dan Kennedy who is an author and business man a I have a lot of respect for, and I was not disappointed by the book, which took me a couple months to get through because it and almost felt as if the book was reading me instead of the other way around.

It ended up being quite insightful and funny and there are some key take away’s I will leave you with:

Never try to run from a sensation, instead go into the feeling and amplify it and totally experience it.

We are all just machines, programmed in a certain way, and programmed to believe we are a unique little snow flake, but there is surprising evidence to the contrary, that we are not that unique in our little quarks that we like to call our own.

And the EST seminars are evidence that in order to really get and understand the above statements on a visceral level, that you have to be in a training for hours on end for four days or out in the woods for days, till you see how ridiculous we can be some times because out in ordinary life we are so zoomed in to the petty every day nonsense.


Never Split The Difference…

So I started out looking for a book to listen to on my audible app, because I had not bought a book in a while and I had 2 credits because I’m on a subscription where you get a book a month for 15 dollars which can be good when most of these new books end up costing around 22 or so dollars.

I went through the list of mostly self helpy suggestions from gurus or whatever that I get recommended because of my past history on there and I just didn’t feel like listening to any of that jazz. It’s part of the reason why I stopped posting so much on here, because I started chirping off the same regurgitated stuff which didnt have much to do with experiential knowledge. But I found a book, this book, “Never Split The Difference” by Chris Voss.

Chris is currently a business consultant but the key part of his story was that he started his career as a hostage negotiator in the New York, and then moved to handling hostage negotiations globally as a leading FBI negotiator. So when he gives advice in the book he is backing it up with real world life and death situations which made this book rich beyond 90 percent of the books that I have read recently.

So go pick this baby up, or download it, and listen to it while you’re stopped in traffic. You’ll be glad you did, it will give you new insight into effective negotiation for every area of your life.



Most things we do take us to the same place that we are. And most things that we can do take us to that same place, but there is occasionally a small obtuse, poorly timed activity that could take us to a place we have never been… Do we go and face the danger and excitement that it brings?

Time Off

Is like a fun time to do nothing and get nothing done letting all of your projects fall by the wayside. Making you drip and drabble around the house do all a whole bunch of nothing.

In other words: Hibernation, like I have been doing for the last two months in the cold. But as the heat starts to return here to Austin, so does my tendency to be a busy body, although metered with a calm that I had lost too many coffees ago. Funny that I get more done when I act with a calm balance to my demeanor.

The Art of Selling to the Affluent

I’m going to give you a little nugget of knowledge out of a book that I’m reading called ‘The Art of Selling to the Affluent’ by Matt Oelchli.

The Chapter I read this morning talks about Ritz Carlton service with Fed-Ex efficiency. And it goes on to cover how wealthy people choose the products and services they purchase with price ranking as only 7th on the list of factors that influence their buying decisions. The book goes on to say how they want superior customer service, superior product and for problems to be handled in a quick efficient manner.

Here’s a ranked list of the 7 influencing factors that guide the behavior of Affluent individuals and whether they purchase again from the same supplier:

  1. Problems resolved quickly and satisfactorily.
  2. Good service was provided following the purchase
  3. The salespeople provided the information needed to make a satisfactory purchase decision.
  4. The gaurantee of satisfaction was clearly defined.
  5. The customers preferred brand was available through them.
  6. The people who represented the supplier were friendly and helpful.
  7. The supplier offered the lowest price available.

So as you can see price was pretty low on the list of deciding factors. And if you look at this you might think of course price is low because they are wealthy and if you would sell only to the wealthy then you would be dealing with a smaller pool of people.

While that is true on a per person count, this Matt’s book also goes on to say that the Wealthy control the majority of the resources in the world. And from my experience working in fine dining restaurants they are also less difficult to deal with than less affluent buyers. They are usually more informed, know what they like and are more at peace as people. And while they may have particular, they are more generous and you usually don’t have as many price objections and low margin problems as when you deal with high volume less wealthy clientele.

Basically when clients pay more, you then have the time and resources to do more for them and both you and the clients usually leave happy. So choose your market wisely.


Here’s to 2018, I hope you all are ready this is gonna be one big year. Most of you are in your early 30’s and were poised age-wise to do some big stuff. This is the point in our lives where we put or shut up. So take think about what you want next year to look like, and I hope you do more than just a month at a gym, I hope you get after whats meaningful to you and the world around you. And that you know yourselves well enough by now to get around your hang ups, get out in the world and make a difference on a high level.

The world needs our participation. Especially in a time where it seems more futile than ever to participate, and easy enough just to go scroll through your insta feed and see what a good time all your friends are having. My hope for all of you is that you live out those good times, that you have those adventures and that you make just a little bit more than you ever thought you could out of your time here, because it’s precious. And it’s not gonna be marked by how comfortable you were or how many shows you got to enjoy on Netflix. Life comes in the adventure, So make it a big one!


What is Spiritual?

Often people view a spiritual experience as something that happens outside of ourselves and our physical bodies. I think it’s because we tend to come up against some very hard barriers at one time or another. But what if we could have a spiritual experience through our bodies… and in fact this seems to me the most natural way to have a spiritual experience. Think about it, instead of running away from what is constantly with us what if we worked through what we have so that the light and the energy that we have shines through ourselves into the ordinarily everyday lives, now to me that’s a spiritual experience.

-The Mysticism of Movement … COMING SOON

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