So I was laying on my yoga mat…

It was at the end of class when everybody lays on their back in shivasana, which basically means corpse pose. And as I lay there I stared up at the ceiling trying to articulate some driving force that has been moving me.

The closest I came up with was: I want to play my part well

There was an image that flashed through my mind of the whole world being a stage of a play, like Shakespeare said. And that it didn’t really matter what specifically was done by any one part in the grand scheme because that was all decided by the situation at the moment.

What did matter was the quality that each human brought to whatever it was that was being done. And through that lens I was able to see other choices and choice habits I had made and I understood them deeper.

Good habits are only good because they make you a better player either in both the game of life and in the play of life, think all the traditions in the bible, they actually are now mirroring closely with science on how to live optimally, i.e. fasting, prayer(meditation), lent(varying habits). And conversely bad habits aren’t bad because they are necessarily wrong morally but they are bad because they impair your ability to play in the game or they make you a dull character in the play of life. Think crap food, no sleep, and drugs.

What it boils down to is The Ability and Willingness To Participate in Life (Whether in the game or the play). And anything that takes away from this is we call bad and anything that adds to this we call good.

And think about this: If the part of the villain is played well, he is actually idolized, think ‘the joker.’ And also how this may not be good for your health if you do so, also think ‘the joker’ from when Heath Ledger ate too many happy pills because he portrayed bad so well. And even then he played his part so well as a glaring example of what not to do for the rest of us to learn from.

Either way though, taking risks is a part of the play, without it the drama would be incomplete and the story would go nowhere.


Paul Chek and the C.H.E.K. Practitioners

So for those of you who don’t know about the resource and wealth of some of the worlds best information regarding health and wellness that is Paul Chek you can check him out at his schools website at the Chek Institute or you can go watch one of my favorite Youtube video series of his on coffee where he first, shares the pros and cons of coffee; Second, how to make Awesome Espresso! And finally, how to get off coffee.

As you can see with how he titles his videos, he has a fairly balanced and pragmatic approach to life. I think before I really got to know him I was an extremest vegan and only when I stopped being vegan was I able to really vibe with what he put out. And like wise, when I thought I knew better by working too much and eating way to much meat, I fell out of touch with him. It’s only when I am high vibe or extremely low vibe and in need of some serious mental retooling that I have found an attraction to the quality of information that he practices and teaches.

Its a subtle irony that some of the healthiest practices have a sort of bland taste to them that is not sensational enough for a person in a middle level vibe to find captivating enough because of the lack of drama. Think about the CHEK system  as healthy food. It doesn’t have enough fat or msg or salt to make it flavorful enough for it to even be registered as a food by somebody used to the S.A.D. (standard american diet) yet it heals and nourishes you on a deep level.

I am friends with the one of the local CHEK Practitioners here in Austin, Alex Rybchinskiy and he passed on a video for a Black Friday promo that the CHEK Institute is having and the video is pretty badass. Paul is that old dude who is out performing all the kids he’s teaching doing one armed pull ups and hes in his late 50’s

This guy is sort of my hero, besides the insane depth of knowledge that he has, he’s got a great vibe to him. And he does continuing rehab for the most physically fucked up and most accomplished skater Danny Way, who Jumped the Wall of China  on a skateboard, multiple times, on a broken ankle!

I asked Danny about Paul when I went to an after party at his place in Encinitas, CA after meeting him and his crew out at Shelter a bar on the strip. He told me that he wouldn’t be able to continue skating if it weren’t for Paul. Having said that though, Danny is a reckless badass, who goes out of country to have knee ligaments from cadavers put into his knee’s while he stays awake to watch the surgeons to make sure they don’t fuck anything up because its usually in a 3rd world country.

Chek out Paul, a great entry level book is How to Eat Move and be Healthy that customizes a health plan from the results of a self assessment in the book. It’s quite a good book so Enjoy!

It’s Eating Season Fam


The cool weather is upon us. It took literally till today for it to reach Austin but its here. There is going to be loads of eating this week and probably very little discrimination of what is being eaten. And that may not be such a bad thing.

To make dieting suuuper simple and really the only thing that ever worked for me… let alone made any logical sense, was to JERF, Just Eat Real Food. If you are stuffing yourself with a whole bunch of broccoli, kale, sweet potatoes, carrots, lettuce, avocado, organic turkey, ect you will definitely get a nice little food belly and a little sleepy, but that’s it! that’s the magic of real food, your body knows what to do with it and the next day most of it will find its way out of you and you’ll be free to go whoop your cousin’s ass at Turkey day football.

Things to avoid, so as not to feel sticky and icky on the inside:

-too much cheese

-too much meat




But go pig out on the rest, life’s a buffet, eat it up!



Being the Calm ={)

I get all wrapped up in a busy schedule when I bartend too much. And likewise I get all wrapped up in doing nothing and watching TV when I don’t stay busy. There is a fine line to which I aim to where I can calmly and consistently dole out endless amounts of work and not be hurried while not wasting time.

I don’t subscribe to the whole notion that the tortoise wins the race, because at the end of it he’s still a tortoise but I have experienced many times that I am most productive when I am clear CALM and focused; as opposed to stressed, foggy and CHAOTIC.

I was reading a book called Levels of Energy today and it ranks people based on their energy level. Yes it is a little spiritual and woo woo but this book has been able to describe the world more accurately across the board than any I have ever read. It talks about how the level above the stressed out person worried about time is one to whom time doesn’t matter/ sees time as an opportunity to create or do something.

This is something I have occasionally, and occasionally I run my self ragged on a schedule. The main difference though in my experience is that running as if time didn’t exist allows you to focus on the task at hand, calmly and professionally, then move on to the next task with a sense of ease, that in turn prevents burn out and allows you to keep going and going like the proverbial pink bunny we all know and love while maintaining clarity in our thoughts.

If you compare it to a car its like driving 55, sufficient to get some where fast, but not fast enough to stress yourself out or put yourself in danger. A good speed to listen to an audio book about the levels of energy and occasionally glance out the window to enjoy the scenery.


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Anyways check my ebook, How Being ‘Hungry For Miles’ Changed My Life, its savage.