The Rest

You probably have a car and your rest day may be riding a bike instead of driving.

As for me I haven’t bought my Tesla sp100d yet so my rest day is walking instead of biking.

Most of what we do most frequently has a Sabbath, a day of rest and without it, life gets hairy or weary.

Rest on my friend

Always hooked up… brah

Ok headphones reduce your hearing ability of a cars and your general awareness for a biker like a billion percent.

And now I’m doing it. I got my headphones in whenever I’m not at work. And I’m riding with headphones and I’m reading with headphones.

I took a bike ride across America and there would be days where I would have those things in my ears from sun up to sundown.

Just yesterday I gave a half ass pick up line to a hippie biker chick with half her head shaved while I had one headphone in.

It like cuts me off from the spontinaity and awareness of the outside world.

It’s so bad that I made a rule that when I enter public areas I take them out, so I talk to like real people.

I ride with headphones too and that’s a whole nother bag o worms.

See I’ve ridden in traffic for the last ten years and I’m pretty visually aware. And I can catch some of the car engine noose over my audio books but it’s stupid. And really the only reason I do it is to recapture the time I spend on the bike by listening to books.

Well and now I also listen to music and pretend like I can’t hear cars when they yell at me for cutting them off… I mean if your yelling at me at least you see me.

Road Bike Heaven: Coastal San Diego Day Rides

San Diego is road bike heaven with it’s well maintained roads, pristine coast line and ample amount of choice hipster coffee shops to stop and grab a cup o’ organic joe putting some jazz in your pedal.

My favorite ride is 40 miles from Carlsbad down to downtown along Coast Highway where you have the option to take the train back. Thru Encinitas, Del Mar and La Jolla this ride takes you thru my favorite parts of sunny San Diego.

A longer more committed ride is from Oceanside to Long beach. A beautiful 80 mile trek through camp Pendleton and coastal Orange County going through some of the most wealthy, beautiful coastal neighbor hoods between San Diego and LA. And also with option to take the train back.

In all the places I’ve lived there has been nowhere that has better road biking than San Diego.

In fact go sit in a cafe like Goodonya on coast highway in Encinitas on a Sunday morning and watch as millions of dollars in high end road bikes pass by every hour.

Self Help is Bullshit

Self help, just some hokey motherfucker on a stage telling you the right thing to do. Total bullshit!

And begrudgingly its totally valuable, and Here’s why!

You will only do the right thing when you are FORCED to, or when you WANT to.

And being forced to do stuff sucks, not cool at all.

And you will only want to do the right thing when you think that the right thing is cool.

And listening to a dipshit on a stage spout the same stuff that you know you need to do just gets you around a positive message… and people who are take the positive action.

Then, you have peers taking action in the right direction all of a SUDDEN the right thing to do is COOL, and you end up Wanting to do it.

So listening to self help is like buying friends who are doing the right thing. It brainwashes you, makes you think that it is cool, and eventually you do the right thing.

That was the only point of view that got me to swallow the pill.

It’s hokey. It can be uncomfortable. It can be boring compared to a buzzfeed. But fuck, do you want to live life or watch it on Kim Kardashian’s viral video

Learning to Surf

Well I started out, scared of the ocean. And I started out without the drive, then I found a reason and decided to learn.

And in the water… I had no traction. My board was crap, and I was weak.

I went out every day, for one month straight. Rain or shine; I showed up and paddled.

Little by little my muscles grew stronger, I got used to the ocean, I saw wave patterns.

And I stood and fell, over and over. A a 3 second ride was hitting the lotto.

I internalized and focused deeper, my mind saw subtle and I got better.

I chased changing conditions, and bigger waves, longer rides, and larger crowds.

Learning to Surf, I showed up each day.

It’s the only way.

Stop to Slap The Yoga Teacher!

If you ever want to know what your body can change, take a 10 am Sunday morning yoga ashtanga class; after a 2am bed time and a breakfast too big for your booty.

You will want to slap the yoga teacher right in the mouth, every time the word ‘driski’ comes out her mouth. You will hate her. You will hate the world, and hate the silly fool who brought you there

Then here’s what happens next,you feel sorry, you go thru the motions, then you get strong.

And at the end, after your juices flow you’ll collapse to shivasana ( you lay on your back), and you’ll be sweeter than Ghandi after morning tea.

And this is the way that everything goes. If your body sucks your mind doesn’t flow.