Here’s to 2018, I hope you all are ready this is gonna be one big year. Most of you are in your early 30’s and were poised age-wise to do some big stuff. This is the point in our lives where we put or shut up. So take think about what you want next year to look like, and I hope you do more than just a month at a gym, I hope you get after whats meaningful to you and the world around you. And that you know yourselves well enough by now to get around your hang ups, get out in the world and make a difference on a high level.

The world needs our participation. Especially in a time where it seems more futile than ever to participate, and easy enough just to go scroll through your insta feed and see what a good time all your friends are having. My hope for all of you is that you live out those good times, that you have those adventures and that you make just a little bit more than you ever thought you could out of your time here, because it’s precious. And it’s not gonna be marked by how comfortable you were or how many shows you got to enjoy on Netflix. Life comes in the adventure, So make it a big one!


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