ATTENTION! This is a Must read if your on Facebook right now.

Its the one asset we truly have. Our attention is super valuable.

In the market, our attention is quantified by how much a person in our demographic spends on average.

At home our attention is optimized for whatever we like to do the most.

At the end of the day what gives us a successful feeling of accomplishment? Usually it is the use of our attention to overcome a difficult challenge and create something beautiful and useful. Or to use our attention to navigate a difficult situation. But at the core of all satisfaction is the use of our attention. Even when we watch movies there is a constant focus of our attention on a single source and my theory is that this constant focus is more directly correlated to the pleasure that we feel in the movie that anything in the movie itself.

Think about how we describe something as ‘holding our attention’ or ‘captivating.’ Or about the feelings that meditation produces stemming from the focus of the mind.

Our personal attention is an undervalued asset that has far reaching effects on every aspect of our lives. Yet at the moment we are at war with ourselves, we keep giving our attention away to more and more different stimuli when the world is becoming more demanding as each day passes.

Focus is the only thing that has got us to where we are today, and its the only substance that we have that is priceless. Those of us who use it wisely will profit immensely in the years to come, in all aspects. And those of us who squander it, will degrade, die off and loose what it means to be human as our machines get smarter and smarter, actions speed up, we get more of what we ‘want’ and less of what we ‘need.’

Your attention is basically who you are. Stay present, and be rich first in attention, and second in everything else.


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