Being the Calm ={)

I get all wrapped up in a busy schedule when I bartend too much. And likewise I get all wrapped up in doing nothing and watching TV when I don’t stay busy. There is a fine line to which I aim to where I can calmly and consistently dole out endless amounts of work and not be hurried while not wasting time.

I don’t subscribe to the whole notion that the tortoise wins the race, because at the end of it he’s still a tortoise but I have experienced many times that I am most productive when I am clear CALM and focused; as opposed to stressed, foggy and CHAOTIC.

I was reading a book called Levels of Energy today and it ranks people based on their energy level. Yes it is a little spiritual and woo woo but this book has been able to describe the world more accurately across the board than any I have ever read. It talks about how the level above the stressed out person worried about time is one to whom time doesn’t matter/ sees time as an opportunity to create or do something.

This is something I have occasionally, and occasionally I run my self ragged on a schedule. The main difference though in my experience is that running as if time didn’t exist allows you to focus on the task at hand, calmly and professionally, then move on to the next task with a sense of ease, that in turn prevents burn out and allows you to keep going and going like the proverbial pink bunny we all know and love while maintaining clarity in our thoughts.

If you compare it to a car its like driving 55, sufficient to get some where fast, but not fast enough to stress yourself out or put yourself in danger. A good speed to listen to an audio book about the levels of energy and occasionally glance out the window to enjoy the scenery.


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