New Book Previews!

Most of my posts for the next month or so will be sections cut out from my new book “The Mysticism of Movement” which will be out by early Spring 2018.

so in light of that here’s a piece from the intro:

Keep it Easy

If you’re like me then you like things easy, but the trick is, is that nothing that worthwhile is ever very easy. And doing these big worthwhile tasks sometime seems to be overwhelming and cause for quitting leaving your keys behind and just walking away from the whole damned house per-say, I figured out a solution: take a step back.
Go as far as you can at any given moment and take a step back, then once you’ve rested and recovered and you feel capable of going further, go further. It’s super simple but let’s go into why it may be hard to do as well.
In a desire to see quicker results you may rush and push yourself far beyond your immediate capabilities and hurt or burn yourself out. You only want to try the right amount of hard to do what you’re trying to do, or else you will grind your own gears and have trouble finding traction tomorrow to do what you were capable of today. You’re in effect speeding without filling your tank and changing the oil or the tires and that’s how problems happen. So the main thing is to stay in the fun zone where its easy and awesome, take a break when you need it and then go back to it in the fun zone. It’s as simple and as hard as that. Hard because getting back into it takes a daily practice of climbing back up that hill and getting into momentum.



I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach, nor do I believe that one thing is good in perpetuity. Diet is supposed to be as diverse and varied as the world around us. And while a strict paleo diet can be super heavy on meat and fat and can be best in the short term, the long term imbalance may catch up to you. So live appropriately for your level of activity, health and body type.


One hour a day?

Do you have at least an hour a day to work on long term goals that focus on the bigger better picture for your life?

Maybe after you work on it for an hour and it may be easier to keep going, and who knows? You may end up at three or four hours spent in reality, making your life a better place than it was…

And how would your life look if you spent five or six hours today working on making it a better one? Could you actually start to get into the flow and have fun doing it?roadahead.jpg

The 5 simple steps to double your money

Everyone wants to increase the cheddar in their pockets and make it rain where ever they walk. But the simple steps are sometimes illusive and so easy to make a drudgery of that I decided to write about my favorite stuff on getting some more of that green stuff in your life.

  1. Drink water: It’s simplistic and maybe a verging on the duh side of things but sometimes the paper chase can leave you panting and all wound up and exhausted and some good ol h2o should help balance out all the coffee you money fiends have been drinking.
  2. Dress Better: Other people have all the money you’re ever gonna get because you can’t exactly go print it in  your basement, and you’ll be surprised how people around you respond when you dress better. This one took me a while to figure out and I bought a motorcycle so I could arrive places not sweating and dressed well.
  3. Work out: better mood, the easier it is to interact with the people around you, the more likely you are to get money.
  4. Read, or be around very smart and successful people, learn their language and what they talk about. I’ve heard this repeated from so many different sources it’s not even funny, but think about it how you talk a certain way to get what you want with your friends or family, you also talk(and act) a certain way to get money.
  5. Get out where things could happen: I’m reading this older book right now called all the money in the world and there was a bit about Donald Trump(all presidency drama aside) where he was talking about his bankruptcy and how he wanted to not leave his house when it happened but instead got his coat on and went to a gala because there was no opportunity for stuff to happen at home. So moral of the story get out into the world and go to where the money is at.

Bonus point: know your math. If you want to double your money you have to increase the amount of income, and the income has to exceed the amount of money you spend.

So I hope you have found this helpful in getting ideas to get your cash juices flowing, may you be rich and wealthy!14_DOLLAR

In Defense of The Bicycle

So I recently purchased a motorcycle and have gotten in the habit of riding it everywhere. But it’s all gotten a little less fun, the motorcycle is loud, and I wait in traffic, stop at lights and then get all agro on the road with traffic. I decided to take my bicycle out yesterday again and immediately felt awesome. The experience is more flowing and rhythmic and I may go at a slower pace but I don’t wait in traffic and I rarely stop. So really around the city the timing is about the same.

Pushing and Pulling to be more Productive

If you have any ambition at all one of the things you probably run into quite a bit is that sneaky learky feeling of time slipping away and never having enough of it.

While it may make sense for you to run as fast as possible, not get any sleep and sacrifice all your family time to get on top of your work or get ahead on some projects. It may not work, And what’s the solution to all of these time constraints?

Well while I don’t have the answer I can write about what doesn’t work:

1.0 to 1000, where you go from having loads of leisure time to no leisure time at all doesn’t work. There is a reason why people who grew up as young kids and teenagers hustling their asses off tend to do better as adults, they have a long practiced sense of work habit ingrained in them already and that discipline is accessed at a greater ease than for a person who grew up relatively leisurely thwarting all the work possible, like myself. In fact this is one of my biggest hurdles that I have been facing with myself. As the hobo on the street says watching the man in the limo drive by “there but for myself I go.”

At the core of this internal debate is the notion that for some reason a life of leisure is somewhat more desirable and enjoyable than a life of discipline and work. I have found this to be completely false, I have both lived with all the leisure I could stand, and have lived on a tighter schedule than I would prefer, but if I had to choose between the two extremes I would choose the busy schedule. There is a multitude of reasons for this that I will not get into in this article but I will say I have always been happiest when I am working towards an over arching goal in my life.

2. Like the wise Paul Chek says: You can’t control time, you can only control the amount of time spent on activities. So the time to do projects must come from other time, whether it’s leisure, love, work, or sleep something is going to diminish in response to an increase in your productivity.

Although it doesn’t have to be a bad thing, for example spending a little less time aimlessly meandering the aisles of Whole Foods could be a good thing for not only my time but also my wallet and my health( the amount of coffee and chocolate that I consume while I am there is ridiculous)

3. Perception is Everything: I learned this lesson when I first started working in the food service industry as a waiter. I always seemed to be rushing and feel like I never had enough time, whether it was getting to work or getting an order into the computer the scarcity of those seconds SEEMED to be ominous, and the choices I made created more of the same.

I would rush make mistakes and create less time for myself while I cleaned up messes. I would procrastinate creating tension and foggy thinking and the cycle just got worse. Then finally one day I caught myself saying in my head for the billionth time ‘Shit I got to go’ and I tested something different out: ‘What if I replaced that phrase with ‘I have plenty of time’ and the ATTITUDE and ACTIONS to back it up… What would happen?

Well here’s the result: I stopped procrastinating and rushing to make mistakes and I increased my prioritizing skill of what needed to be done and skill of activities and scheduling to where I actually did have plenty of time, complete magic.


So While I don’t have all the answers I have struggled with these issues for the past few years and I hope reading about this can in some way help you out.

Until next time,funny_warped_clocks-r8a5e04be35dd496a9af48f0e9963c3d2_fup13_8byvr_512

Nick Brunner

Why Diets Don’t Work

The fundamental premise of a diet is that you go against and restrict your hunger by using your will power to limit what you eat.

Will Power will desert you.

That’s why you should use Liposuction!

Or you can eat real food. Satiate yourself as much as want, if your a little heavy off real food at least you’ll be functional still and vibrant, then you can play with adjusting the amount and type after you’ve weened yourself off the sugar, white flour and preservatives.

Food can be a complex subject, but if you simplify your sight to look at the end result you’re trying to achieve then it will be easier. So I will simplify your end goal for you, you want to look good and move well. Out of the two Moving Well is a lot easier and more methodical to accomplish than looking good. And the looking good would come later, aaaand eating real food will help you to facilitate the energy to Move well.

So Live well!




You either have it or you don’t, and if you don’t have an optimistic confident view of your future and the future of your family and the future of humanity I strongly suggest you start working your ass off to create some very compelling reasons to be confident.

Because life without that necessary little ingredient is boring, defensive and antiquated. It’s boring because you can’t deal with your own fear, so your defensive even though your defending something that wasn’t so great to begin with. And it’s antiquated because it just doesn’t work. Being a wimp just doesn’t have a place in the world anylonger. I don’t think it ever did.