Dating without a Car

Alright so this is like one of those things that are probably more of a bigger deal for me than for the girls that I date but there are some key challenges that not having a car does to the brain. And I’m gonna put this in first person because these are the things that I went through the first few years of not owning a car after I got back to the states.

The biggest roadblock to dating without a car is the social idea that it is normal for everybody to have a car and if you don’t have one then you’re scum without a future and un-date-able.

My solution: Embrace the scum. And be the guy who sleeps with all the girls and doesn’t have to commit.

No but really, relationships are heavy lifting. From this perspective not having a car will help you. When normally girls would expect you commit they will not expect it from you because not having a car will symbolize not having your shit together. When in reality you’re probably more on top of your financial game than all your friends with the money you’re saving from not owning a car, especially if you’re in your 20’s.

And if you’re a girl you will not have this problem, guys will still be lining up to date you( especially because you’ll be in good shape from riding all the time)… and you’re parents may even take pity on you and buy you a car. True story, I have seen this happen.

If you do end up wanting to have a relationship and you don’t own a car, it wont be that hard, just carry on as above, sell your merchandise to the town till you get some lady hooked on your supply. Then after she gets to know you and you two are sleeping together the whole not having a car thing will matter less. And may not even matter at all.

You will do really, really well with hippie chicks, so it may help if you choose a part of the world that has a lot of them to live in. Hence I live in Austin, Texas. And I moved from Encinitas, California. These places are ripe with the smell of hippie chick sweat and unshaven legs and armpits.

I actually just began to improve my game with normal girls as I began wearing nicer clothes and taking advantage of my uber and walking game because I live downtown. So those are two things that would definitely help your dating game while riding a bicycle.

Alright fam, Catch you tomorrow.

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