Do you view the world as having Open or Closed Architecture?

It’s a valid question and it merits some introspection. It not only affects you but it also affects all those people around you that you have an effect on. If you’re a health trainer and you know that you could help somebody loose weight, well that’s not going to do the person you are trying to help loose weight unless he believes its a valid solution and is a valid solution for him.

I got this from the great Dan Kennedy who is a wealth of this esoteric knowledge, especially when it comes to business and marketing. He sells make-your-business-better products and he talks about how the belief that you can effectively change the “Architecture” of the business, for a lot of people, is the first hurdle that he has to take them over, because most people are stuck in the belief that they cannot change.

Dan gives an example of his GKIC marketing newletter that he authors; and he says the amount of “business” information that is in it pales in comparison to the amount of material he puts in to persuade the reader to believe it’s possible to make the changes to improve their business.

Here’s the video that I got it from, it’s an amazing video all the way through but start at 137:00 if you want to follow along with what I’m talking about.

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