Fixing the immediate, building the long term

both are a pain in the ass and feel so much accomplished when you think you get something done… but the reality is, its not done it’s a mess to be approached with skill and patience.

Its one thing to think you know whats right to do,

Then the next thing is to do what you think is right to do,

Then you realize that it doesn’t totally apply to that context and you have to formulate another solution and apply that one, quickly enough to apply another solution because even your revised solution is going to suck, albeit a little bit less.

Then after getting one aspect right, there’s a whole other system variable which the first system feeds into like for example: getting a washing machine and finding out your plumbing is fucked.

Then you find out the washing machine breaks its self somehow

And your back at square one

There is nothing tangible gained from the exercise but something is gained. The futility of the whole thing, the false wins, and the dullness that had to be pushed through strengthens focus and bullshit awareness, each false step, is good just because a step was taken. And the mental acuity and strength and accuracy of the screw-it-lets-do-it muscles increase and tomorrow the body and mind is ready to attack the same problem in a faster, no-bullshit, wiser way



There was a cool bike tour I took and it went something like that too, check out How Being ‘Hungry For Miles’ Changed My Life

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