Goal Addiction

Your Addicted to goals and you don’t even know it.

And here s why: because its subtle and we can live without goals, but we cannot be passionate and alive without them…

I feel the need to constantly be targeting goals, and to have a sense that all the things I’m working for cumulate into a larger grand scheme, every action moving me along in a positive direction.

Even when I sat watching hours of star trek, for years, I was paying attention to the ideas, the writing style and the story. In the back of my head were ideas of writing for the show. Like my brain was rewiring itself with good ideas even though I was netflixing.

I hate being listless. I tried it once for a few months on a farm in France, it was cool but there weren’t any girls and it was a good rest but there’s some sort of inner blueprint moving me along that I’m working out.

Even when I was in France I would spend hours searching for mushrooms. Just walking along looking for stuff.

As far as I can tell humans are happier with a goal and a purpose that binds themselves and those around them together.

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