Just Keep Your Sole in the Room

There is a quote in ‘The Book of Est’ which is a book detailing a spree of a certain brand of self help seminars that were two weekends for 60 hours and took place in the 70’s and were widely popular and have since been discontinued. The quote I’m referring to is “Just keep your sole(as in sole of your shoe) in the room” in an effort to keep the participants of the seminar from trying to change and getting frustrated or from feeling like them staying in the room is a waste of time.

With the abbreviated message being: just keep stay in the room and let the the seminar do its work.

That is the same way that  I have found the gym to be most effective. I block out an hour or so of time each day to go to the gym and unless I’m in a class that is directed like a yoga core or fitness class I generally just keep my ‘sole in the room’ or the gym in this case and I do whatever movement comes to me. And the results speak for themselves.

Since I have started at this gym I have lost weight, gained energy, become more flexible and have made crucial contacts and friends here in Austin.

Whenever I attempt a new venture I know that the only way to really do it is to just: Keep My Sole In The Room.



-Nicholas Brunner


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