Keeping Promises

While keeping promises to other people is a big task, the hardest promises by far are the promises to ourselves.

We feel like it’s ok to let the recipient of that promise down, because, of course, it’s ourselves. And we think we wont mind. But that’s because we don’t see the consequences on the long term.

But If you can’t trust yourself in small things you can’t trust yourself in big things

I have developed a dirty habit of breaking promises and to dos I make for my self because I over schedule.

So when that happens, I don’t take myself seriously and it starts a loop back on itself creating more of the same.

And the easiest thing to do when there is a list of stuff that you should be doing is to watch Netflix.

But life like that is giving control to the outside world.

Promises are like a steering wheel that you use to guide your world. Use them wisely or you will loose your ability to follow thru on them.

My adjustment goes like this: make less of them, and follow thru on the ones I make, to train my brain how to have integrity.

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