Letting the Positive Ferment

Probiotics come from stuff rotting. Well sort of… it comes from the right environment where little organisms feed off rotting vegetables and in turn we eat the little organisms that populate our gut… that’s a simplistic way of explaining that. I found that doing better at skateboarding when I was really into that came from doing the same motion many times till my body became aware of the mechanics and felt the capability of doing new more complex tricks on its own, sort of flowing through me. In my daily schedule beating up my body by working out hard and then doing some yoga has had far reaching effects into my work and creative life that without those actions I would be a pile of shit. Most of the really good things that seem inaccessible are in need of foundational 1st order activities to be squared in place before the inaccessible becomes accessible. Like you can’t have a tall building without a deep foundation. So build the foundation first.

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