Limited Edition Print of ‘Hungry For Miles!’

Supplies of the 1st edition of Hungry For Miles is limited to 100 copies in print!


  • Each copy comes hand signed by yours truly!
  • I will include a half hour consultation call/video call on setting up your very own bike tour.
  • I will include a manual that will give you the SECRET diet I used to have the energy to bike forever!
  • Shipping and Handling is included in the price for the continental united states.


Please allow a couple weeks for the copies to get out. Unless you would like it quicker then you can get in touch with me and we’ll arrange for a quicker mailing.

The ‘Hungry For Miles’ Book

A scandalous romp coast to coast USA from the deserts of the Southwest to the humid marshlands of the gulf and up to Washington DC. Picking up Girls, loosing friends, and making many more, getting a glimpse at the kindness and generosity of humanity across America. Limited edition less than 89 left... buy yours today!



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Or if that is too much commitment for you, try my ‘cheap date’ E-Book version where you can pay-what-you want for the E-book version of Hungry For Miles