Always hooked up… brah

Ok headphones reduce your hearing ability of a cars and your general awareness for a biker like a billion percent.

And now I’m doing it. I got my headphones in whenever I’m not at work. And I’m riding with headphones and I’m reading with headphones.

I took a bike ride across America and there would be days where I would have those things in my ears from sun up to sundown.

Just yesterday I gave a half ass pick up line to a hippie biker chick with half her head shaved while I had one headphone in.

It like cuts me off from the spontinaity and awareness of the outside world.

It’s so bad that I made a rule that when I enter public areas I take them out, so I talk to like real people.

I ride with headphones too and that’s a whole nother bag o worms.

See I’ve ridden in traffic for the last ten years and I’m pretty visually aware. And I can catch some of the car engine noose over my audio books but it’s stupid. And really the only reason I do it is to recapture the time I spend on the bike by listening to books.

Well and now I also listen to music and pretend like I can’t hear cars when they yell at me for cutting them off… I mean if your yelling at me at least you see me.

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