Marathon Training

Back when I first began training for a marathon I read this article about marathon training that resonated with me a lot. And the key points that I took away from it and applied were:

  1. Start training as soon as possible and oscillate your days, so one day run, and the next day totally rest, or do another activity, but don’t run. Run, don’t run, and map your schedule out for the training like this.
  2. But once you come to about within 7 days of the actual event of the marathon, rest. Don’t run, do any other activity lightly, but don’t run and then by the time the marathon comes around your body will have built up reserves that are accessible to you during the marathon.
  3. It is always better to under-train than to over-train. The marathon world is ripe with stories of people who regularly run 12 or 13 miles then are so spent when it comes to running the marathon that they cannot perform.

When I finally got to the marathon it was easy and fun, I ran with my buddy who had over-trained and he was hurting. When the race was over I took a cold bath and a nap then biked 30 miles. In the days following, I proceeded to bike another 400 miles of California coast like up to San Francisco… I’d say the training was effective.

Happy running


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