New Book Previews!

Most of my posts for the next month or so will be sections cut out from my new book “The Mysticism of Movement” which will be out by early Spring 2018.

so in light of that here’s a piece from the intro:

Keep it Easy

If you’re like me then you like things easy, but the trick is, is that nothing that worthwhile is ever very easy. And doing these big worthwhile tasks sometime seems to be overwhelming and cause for quitting leaving your keys behind and just walking away from the whole damned house per-say, I figured out a solution: take a step back.
Go as far as you can at any given moment and take a step back, then once you’ve rested and recovered and you feel capable of going further, go further. It’s super simple but let’s go into why it may be hard to do as well.
In a desire to see quicker results you may rush and push yourself far beyond your immediate capabilities and hurt or burn yourself out. You only want to try the right amount of hard to do what you’re trying to do, or else you will grind your own gears and have trouble finding traction tomorrow to do what you were capable of today. You’re in effect speeding without filling your tank and changing the oil or the tires and that’s how problems happen. So the main thing is to stay in the fun zone where its easy and awesome, take a break when you need it and then go back to it in the fun zone. It’s as simple and as hard as that. Hard because getting back into it takes a daily practice of climbing back up that hill and getting into momentum.


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