Not Raging Against the Machine

This is a hangup that I have had for years and I think a lot of other people had and have including yourself.

Fighting the machines and fighting psychology of self and of others.

And I think the core of the issue is the

-Unwillingness to see the similarities between ourselves and a machine.

– Not wanting to see the potential for machines to replace the vast majority of our mental processes

-Mistaking a bad machine for all machines.

The work, if all of these are removed, is wisdom work.

Understanding the mechanics underlying what we experience and choosing an appropriate machine for the appropriate situation.

Because to fight against the Machine is to fight ourselves.

It consistently amazes me the more I watch patterns and read psychology the amount of decisions that I believed were mine and unique, really had nothing to do with me as a unique individual and everything to do with a combination of internal genetic and environmental factors coming together to create what I thought was me.

After all those things are removed who or what are we really?

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