Not Raging Against the Machine

This is a hangup that I have had for years and I think a lot of other people had and have including yourself.

Fighting the machines and fighting psychology of self and of others.

And I think the core of the issue is the

-Unwillingness to see the similarities between ourselves and a machine.

– Not wanting to see the potential for machines to replace the vast majority of our mental processes

-Mistaking a bad machine for all machines.

The work, if all of these are removed, is wisdom work.

Understanding the mechanics underlying what we experience and choosing an appropriate machine for the appropriate situation.

Because to fight against the Machine is to fight ourselves.

It consistently amazes me the more I watch patterns and read psychology the amount of decisions that I believed were mine and unique, really had nothing to do with me as a unique individual and everything to do with a combination of internal genetic and environmental factors coming together to create what I thought was me.

After all those things are removed who or what are we really?

Keeping Promises

While keeping promises to other people is a big task, the hardest promises by far are the promises to ourselves.

We feel like it’s ok to let the recipient of that promise down, because, of course, it’s ourselves. And we think we wont mind. But that’s because we don’t see the consequences on the long term.

But If you can’t trust yourself in small things you can’t trust yourself in big things

I have developed a dirty habit of breaking promises and to dos I make for my self because I over schedule.

So when that happens, I don’t take myself seriously and it starts a loop back on itself creating more of the same.

And the easiest thing to do when there is a list of stuff that you should be doing is to watch Netflix.

But life like that is giving control to the outside world.

Promises are like a steering wheel that you use to guide your world. Use them wisely or you will loose your ability to follow thru on them.

My adjustment goes like this: make less of them, and follow thru on the ones I make, to train my brain how to have integrity.

Switching Back And Forth

Life is a journey where we move in levels. Ideally were always in motion to a better life a higher level, to be a smarter person, a more effective parent, to make more money, to own your own business.

And to change levels requires a new level of thinking. Where you act different. Owning a business is a different set of responsibilities than being an employee. Your work differs your thoughts differ and you must be proactive instead of just listening to what bossman says and do it.

In the transition phase between these two levels of being a lot of conflict and confusion is native to the territory.

As you switch back and forth from being an employee to being self employed both levels influence the other and it’s important not to take the complacent thoughts of an employee into your business…

and not to take your autonomy mentality from your business into your job where it is usually unwelcome.


So There’s this girl…

There is a girl that I know who has health problems. She talks about them whenever she can and people give their free advice whenever they can, including myself.

The people giving advice feel superior and like they contributed.

She gets attention and special consideration because of it. But she is also left very confused.

Everyone and their mother has an opinion on how to heal, change and eat better. While some opinions have merit and some do not, and some are bad. And because she keeps talking about her problems she keeps getting advice on her problems.

So she gets too much information to process, gets frustrated and takes no action or poor action and the results speak for themselves, she talks about it more and the cycle repeats.

When people are giving advice, I find, and myself included, they do not understand the psychology of the other person and cannot put themselves properly in their shoes and therefore cannot properly help and leave their victims of advice worse for it.

I realised this yesterday while trying to do this very thing.

While I had steps I took to successfully overcome my own issues, I had inadvertently copy pasted my demeanor, experience, beliefs, social situation and not-to-mention my physiology onto this already confused girl.

And funny enough this is the fundamental reason people fail in marketing.

Have you done this to any of your friends?

Also Here’s a pic of a very large purple sweet potato