Paul Chek and the C.H.E.K. Practitioners

So for those of you who don’t know about the resource and wealth of some of the worlds best information regarding health and wellness that is Paul Chek you can check him out at his schools website at the Chek Institute or you can go watch one of my favorite Youtube video series of his on coffee where he first, shares the pros and cons of coffee; Second, how to make Awesome Espresso! And finally, how to get off coffee.

As you can see with how he titles his videos, he has a fairly balanced and pragmatic approach to life. I think before I really got to know him I was an extremest vegan and only when I stopped being vegan was I able to really vibe with what he put out. And like wise, when I thought I knew better by working too much and eating way to much meat, I fell out of touch with him. It’s only when I am high vibe or extremely low vibe and in need of some serious mental retooling that I have found an attraction to the quality of information that he practices and teaches.

Its a subtle irony that some of the healthiest practices have a sort of bland taste to them that is not sensational enough for a person in a middle level vibe to find captivating enough because of the lack of drama. Think about the CHEK system  as healthy food. It doesn’t have enough fat or msg or salt to make it flavorful enough for it to even be registered as a food by somebody used to the S.A.D. (standard american diet) yet it heals and nourishes you on a deep level.

I am friends with the one of the local CHEK Practitioners here in Austin, Alex Rybchinskiy and he passed on a video for a Black Friday promo that the CHEK Institute is having and the video is pretty badass. Paul is that old dude who is out performing all the kids he’s teaching doing one armed pull ups and hes in his late 50’s

This guy is sort of my hero, besides the insane depth of knowledge that he has, he’s got a great vibe to him. And he does continuing rehab for the most physically fucked up and most accomplished skater Danny Way, who Jumped the Wall of China  on a skateboard, multiple times, on a broken ankle!

I asked Danny about Paul when I went to an after party at his place in Encinitas, CA after meeting him and his crew out at Shelter a bar on the strip. He told me that he wouldn’t be able to continue skating if it weren’t for Paul. Having said that though, Danny is a reckless badass, who goes out of country to have knee ligaments from cadavers put into his knee’s while he stays awake to watch the surgeons to make sure they don’t fuck anything up because its usually in a 3rd world country.

Chek out Paul, a great entry level book is How to Eat Move and be Healthy that customizes a health plan from the results of a self assessment in the book. It’s quite a good book so Enjoy!

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