Pedal Gainz

Good morning fam!

It is Thursday morning and I am writing you this from my gym Austin Bouldering Project where I bike 5 miles each way to get here. and here’s why you want to bike to the gym too:

While it does take more time to bike miles than it takes to drive, you save time because:

1: you don’t have to park far away or deal with parking and most importantly:

2. you get to the gym and you’ve already done part of your workout. You’re already warmed up and you’re already in the zone.

Your will be light years ahead of the groggy eyed early morning yogis and weightlifters able to hop right in!

And as a bonus you have a cool down period on your bicycle while you’re riding away from the gym. It helps to clear all that lactic acid due to all the Gainz I know your making.

If you’re not going to the gym and you are a cyclist, and you think that because you ride a bicycle you don’t need to work out otherwise… change your mind, go to the gym. just do it trust me.

Doing the one repetitive action of riding a bicycle is not enough and it creates stupid imbalances in your muscles and brain.

Boom. drop the mic

-Nick Brunner

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