Hungry For Miles E-Book

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Have you ever thought of just dropping it all?… Join Me! On a pure RUCKUS across America! Follow along as I Eat, Drink, and Pedal my way through the States on a 2 Month Bicycle Adventure from San Diego to Washington DC .It’s the Vacation for the Rule Breakers; For the Risk Takers; The Shameless; And For those who go Against the Grain (a.k.a. the gluten free).



This is my crowning achievement of debauchery and literary finesse, similar to that of a Proust, Dickens or Rowling. Join me in a spiritual journey across the hot nether regions of our ol’ girl America!

“This is pure fun. This is Nick Brunner does America.”

-The Austin Freelancer

“Who ever this Nick fellow is he sure can have a good time in a shit heap. I just hope he stays away from my daughters”

-Imbibed Mothers of America

“I just wish he used the word ‘fuck’ more often. I may have started to ignore it from overuse, but his arrogance and duechbaggery stands out like a sore thumb in an asshole, Christ this guy is a dick”

-The Colorado Chronic-le


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