Psychology v. Physiology. You Probably Wont Understand This One Nuanced Point. And if you do, you probably will disagree.

My Philosophy is that if I am not in optimal condition in my physiology(if my body is not healthy) then I cannot truly comprehend philosophy because accurate thought processes and clear thinking depend heavily on having an healthy functioning body.

So what does this mean? = It means if your sick you most likely don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about and should go get healthy before anything else.

Why? = Think about this: have you experienced a two similar situations and had a different out look on them completely? have you ever went to work when your sick and just felt like death, and hated everything? And conversely have you ever experienced the most abnormal, difficult situation in your life or close to it and have handled it expertly with ease because you were already feeling great on the inside, not being affected by the external reality?

What does this mean for you and the world at large? =

  1. Check your sources and ask yourself how your inner experience at the moment is coloring your perception of the world around you.
  2. if you are getting very negative results and negative feelings and are generally thinking very poorly of yourself and the world around you, start to notice the correlations of your outlooks to how you feel, what you ate, whether you exercised today, how much water/coffee/sugar you have had. Notice all the little things and if you are feeling bad delay decisions if you can till you feel more powerful and strong in yourself to make them. Or at the very least you can make decisions knowing that your internal state is coloring the world in a falsely negative way and you can make up for the slack by focusing on facts and the bigger picture goals that you want to accomplish.
  3. Learn your triggers and learn to put yourself in a positive position physically, a positive state of mind mentally, and a positive reality externally. There are loads of books written on this but if you would like to pay me lots of money I will show you how to do this personally… but there is a secret: they all feed off of one an other and improving one area will help the rest, so start somewhere, even if it feels overwhelming.

The body  affects the brain, in many many ways. Watch out for the beliefs that you harbor because you may only resonate with them because you are in a certain physical state… change that state and the beliefs will be challenged and replaced. This goes both ways positive and negative so do your due diligence, take care of your body, and your mind, and your soul, and live rich.


Much love fam

Nick Brunner

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