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Have you ever wondered why some people are so much more successful than you at life? I have.

Systems, predictable structured systems are the underlying foundation to all success.

I have had a love/hate relationship to systems my whole life and that is the reason why I could be so much further than I am now and it all boils down to the systems that are in place.

So I’m going to start this off about talking about my resistance to systems and why I fight them. I was exposed to some very negative ineffective and neutral systems when I was younger that gave me a strong dislike for structure, for business, and for doing things that other people told me to.

As I got older I began to see that not having an underlying operating system and highly valuing this illusory thing I called ‘free time’ led me to be unhappy and irresponsible and where all my decisions became unfocused or reactive to the environment and I shot from the hip making choices that were detrimental to my way of life. It got me fired multiple times and led me to reconsider how I thought about certain systems out of necessity to be a productive participant of life.

I still valued the lack of systematization tho and this has lasted until this afternoon while I listened to Ray Dalio’s book that just came out called Principals, which takes his lessons that he has learned in life and wrote a book. For those of you who don’t know, Ray Dalio is considered the ‘Steve Jobs’ of investing and manages money for countries around the world.

His system is very algorithmic, he collects a bunch of data and looks at the relative interactions between them and does extensive research over hundreds of years feeding it back into a computer that then shoots out projections and along with his teams experience they make a data based decision.

This bothered me a lot. The robots are taking over and the lack of humanity argument flooded my head as I listened, but then earlier today as I lay on my leather couch and considered everything that I did effectively in my life had good system at its foundation and it was fueled with the motivation to execute it.

Then I thought about nature, its essentially a system, as are our bodies. Systems underlay EVERYTHING. And the best systems that I have used are the ones that allow me to-do-more instead of restrict. And that restriction as a kid was essentially what I had been fighting against.

So now I still have resentment toward total systematization but as of today that is one of the conscious things that I am approaching… my goal is to rework my mental system of thinking about systems so that I can better put in place systems that free up energy, make me healthier, and give me greater clarity.

How do you think about systems and what are some that you have used?

2 thoughts on “Read This Because Your Smart

  1. Systems and structure are a necessity so keep billions of people going into chaos. You have your people who love rules and plans and being told what to do and thats a good thing because they keep the infrastructure running but what isn’t realized is the people creating the companies hence the jobs where people who questioned the system at hand, stepped outside of it and created a different idea. The go to is usually Steve Jobs but plenty of companies have his story. In his case working for Hewitt Packard stepping outside the system in place going his own way creating an innovative company that eventually became the system. The disconnect is not realizing both parties need each other and to love each other, its the ying and the yang. We need the rule followers to keep the infrastructure going to give the innovators the luxury of stepping outside and moving systems ” forward” meanwhile knowing they will get Maslows five human needs thanks to the rule followers. The systems is in place will criticize then rebel and then praise and fall in line, difficult process. So rule follower hug your nut job and encourage them

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Ryan! I should write the follow up about choosing the appropriate system for the task at hand along the same lines as what your saying. Getting that perspective is crucial and it’s honestly one of the things I struggle with today is being a leader in that way

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