Self Help is Bullshit

Self help, just some hokey motherfucker on a stage telling you the right thing to do. Total bullshit!

And begrudgingly its totally valuable, and Here’s why!

You will only do the right thing when you are FORCED to, or when you WANT to.

And being forced to do stuff sucks, not cool at all.

And you will only want to do the right thing when you think that the right thing is cool.

And listening to a dipshit on a stage spout the same stuff that you know you need to do just gets you around a positive message… and people who are take the positive action.

Then, you have peers taking action in the right direction all of a SUDDEN the right thing to do is COOL, and you end up Wanting to do it.

So listening to self help is like buying friends who are doing the right thing. It brainwashes you, makes you think that it is cool, and eventually you do the right thing.

That was the only point of view that got me to swallow the pill.

It’s hokey. It can be uncomfortable. It can be boring compared to a buzzfeed. But fuck, do you want to live life or watch it on Kim Kardashian’s viral video

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