So I was laying on my yoga mat…

It was at the end of class when everybody lays on their back in shivasana, which basically means corpse pose. And as I lay there I stared up at the ceiling trying to articulate some driving force that has been moving me.

The closest I came up with was: I want to play my part well

There was an image that flashed through my mind of the whole world being a stage of a play, like Shakespeare said. And that it didn’t really matter what specifically was done by any one part in the grand scheme because that was all decided by the situation at the moment.

What did matter was the quality that each human brought to whatever it was that was being done. And through that lens I was able to see other choices and choice habits I had made and I understood them deeper.

Good habits are only good because they make you a better player either in both the game of life and in the play of life, think all the traditions in the bible, they actually are now mirroring closely with science on how to live optimally, i.e. fasting, prayer(meditation), lent(varying habits). And conversely bad habits aren’t bad because they are necessarily wrong morally but they are bad because they impair your ability to play in the game or they make you a dull character in the play of life. Think crap food, no sleep, and drugs.

What it boils down to is The Ability and Willingness To Participate in Life (Whether in the game or the play). And anything that takes away from this is we call bad and anything that adds to this we call good.

And think about this: If the part of the villain is played well, he is actually idolized, think ‘the joker.’ And also how this may not be good for your health if you do so, also think ‘the joker’ from when Heath Ledger ate too many happy pills because he portrayed bad so well. And even then he played his part so well as a glaring example of what not to do for the rest of us to learn from.

Either way though, taking risks is a part of the play, without it the drama would be incomplete and the story would go nowhere.


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