So There’s this girl…

There is a girl that I know who has health problems. She talks about them whenever she can and people give their free advice whenever they can, including myself.

The people giving advice feel superior and like they contributed.

She gets attention and special consideration because of it. But she is also left very confused.

Everyone and their mother has an opinion on how to heal, change and eat better. While some opinions have merit and some do not, and some are bad. And because she keeps talking about her problems she keeps getting advice on her problems.

So she gets too much information to process, gets frustrated and takes no action or poor action and the results speak for themselves, she talks about it more and the cycle repeats.

When people are giving advice, I find, and myself included, they do not understand the psychology of the other person and cannot put themselves properly in their shoes and therefore cannot properly help and leave their victims of advice worse for it.

I realised this yesterday while trying to do this very thing.

While I had steps I took to successfully overcome my own issues, I had inadvertently copy pasted my demeanor, experience, beliefs, social situation and not-to-mention my physiology onto this already confused girl.

And funny enough this is the fundamental reason people fail in marketing.

Have you done this to any of your friends?

Also Here’s a pic of a very large purple sweet potato

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