Switching Back And Forth

Life is a journey where we move in levels. Ideally were always in motion to a better life a higher level, to be a smarter person, a more effective parent, to make more money, to own your own business.

And to change levels requires a new level of thinking. Where you act different. Owning a business is a different set of responsibilities than being an employee. Your work differs your thoughts differ and you must be proactive instead of just listening to what bossman says and do it.

In the transition phase between these two levels of being a lot of conflict and confusion is native to the territory.

As you switch back and forth from being an employee to being self employed both levels influence the other and it’s important not to take the complacent thoughts of an employee into your business…

and not to take your autonomy mentality from your business into your job where it is usually unwelcome.


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