The 13 Reasons You Don’t Loose Weight

Getting Healthy is hard, and whoever tells you it isn’t is probably someone who has never been unhealthy or overweight or has been healthy so long they forgot. But here are a list of reasons that you probably didn’t consider that are keeping you stuck in a rut when it comes to your health.

The Reasons most people never get healthy:

  1. They have the wrong information. There is a bunch of bullshit, or even worse half bullshit out there that will lead you astray taking you down damaging paths while you try to get into a healthy lifestyle and people will get discouraged because they will find themselves beating their heads against the same walls and never finding the path through the woods to a healthy body and life.
  2. They think they know what’s best and will not listen to alternatives and honestly evaluate them for merit.
  3. They don’t have a long enough over-arching view of what a healthy body means or what its worth to them and because of that they don’t have the motivation to put in the work of habit change.
  4. They are addicted to processed hi- tech fake food that stresses their body out and makes them unhappy (leading to less motivation) and they consider it acceptable because the majority of people do it.
  5. Yo –yo diet plans. People who fail use these diets and consider them a ‘balance’ and excuse to eat shit food.
  6. They think shit food tastes good. And they don’t understand that ‘tasting good comes from repetition and habituation. Your bodies bacteria adjusts to what you are eating, then sending chemicals to your brain demanding more of the same, ie. Making that food taste good. Then they don’t realize that healthy food will taste good too once habituated with the added bonus of giving you energy and nutrients to keep your body healthy and strong.
  7. As a build on the last point. People who have trouble in life build their identity and personality around poor choices, getting so good at living with poor choices that they neglect the skill of making and living with positive choices… A personal example, I have built much of my work ethic around caffeine.
  8. They hang around with stupid and unhealthy friends
  9. They view the gym and movement as “exercise” or in other words, as making up for being a sloth, drinking the night before and just living in a poor way. A healthy person views exercise as a joy, play and an opportunity to get out and move.
  10. They think they can get more done if they neglect a physical practice and only focus on sitting at a desk
  11. They think the three white devils: white flour, white sugar and white salt are somehow an acceptable form of nourishment for their body
  12. They don’t understand how specific foods and food classes affect their body and mind.
  13. They make being unhealthy a problem to dwell over and stress about instead of a challenge to work at and overcome.



The Mysticism of Movement

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