The 5 HAPPINESS Questions

The Webster definition is “ A state of well-being and contentment”
At first I thought this was a little vague but then after a thought I realized that this is almost like a natural background noise, an underlying feeling, a backdrop to the stage of your life that must be present in order for you to do anything well.
And there are various factors that affect this backdrop for me and this is what I want to share with you.
So when someone is saying they’re having a bad day my favorite, slightly A-hole response to them is OK,
1. How much water did you drink?
2. What did you eat?
3. Are you on any drugs, recreational or otherwise?
4. Have you done any movement today, and how much and what kind?
5. What are you thinking about and who are you spending time with?
I wrote those in that specific order because when you find yourself in a physical / spiritual or mental knot, this is usually the way to approach it most effectively in sorting yourself out and taking responsibility for your life.


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