The 5 simple steps to double your money

Everyone wants to increase the cheddar in their pockets and make it rain where ever they walk. But the simple steps are sometimes illusive and so easy to make a drudgery of that I decided to write about my favorite stuff on getting some more of that green stuff in your life.

  1. Drink water: It’s simplistic and maybe a verging on the duh side of things but sometimes the paper chase can leave you panting and all wound up and exhausted and some good ol h2o should help balance out all the coffee you money fiends have been drinking.
  2. Dress Better: Other people have all the money you’re ever gonna get because you can’t exactly go print it in  your basement, and you’ll be surprised how people around you respond when you dress better. This one took me a while to figure out and I bought a motorcycle so I could arrive places not sweating and dressed well.
  3. Work out: better mood, the easier it is to interact with the people around you, the more likely you are to get money.
  4. Read, or be around very smart and successful people, learn their language and what they talk about. I’ve heard this repeated from so many different sources it’s not even funny, but think about it how you talk a certain way to get what you want with your friends or family, you also talk(and act) a certain way to get money.
  5. Get out where things could happen: I’m reading this older book right now called all the money in the world and there was a bit about Donald Trump(all presidency drama aside) where he was talking about his bankruptcy and how he wanted to not leave his house when it happened but instead got his coat on and went to a gala because there was no opportunity for stuff to happen at home. So moral of the story get out into the world and go to where the money is at.

Bonus point: know your math. If you want to double your money you have to increase the amount of income, and the income has to exceed the amount of money you spend.

So I hope you have found this helpful in getting ideas to get your cash juices flowing, may you be rich and wealthy!14_DOLLAR

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