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Howdy Everyone,

This is Nick Brunner here with The Bicycle Daily, a daily publication about all the wins, awesomeness and challenges that riding a bike is.

There are many different angles I could take you on in this initial article but really I just wanted to say hey whaddup and to let you know that I will be riding with you until I purchase my first car that I will own which is going to be a Tesla Sports Car. Right now I’m looking at the Tesla Sp 100D, but they come out with new cars pretty quick and I want the best and fastest so that may change.

All fun aside, because obviously we want to have none of that, I have ridden a bicycle for the past 10 years practically everyday. And in addition to that have taken a bicycle tour across America from San Diego to Washington DC and a tour from Ventura to San Francisco, so I know a few things about the bicycle.

In fact, if you want to check out the highlights from my last tour across the US you can see the cool clips at It was a fun messy little romp across the states that totally redefined my life. I also wrote a book about it so you can experience the grueling nature of it from your couch in perfect comfort of your home, which I where I wished I was half of the time I was riding. I will have links to that later but if absolutely have to have it now you can directly message me and I will get you out a copy.

Nice to finally meet you and I will you see you tomorrow

Mucho Amor



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