The Bike Lock Equation

Have you ever went to go find your precious bike and find its not waiting for you where you left it? Well this article is about avoiding all that pain. And really its all boiled down to a simple equation:

If your bike is more valuable than the trouble it will take to get it, your in trouble.

If your in a poor area don’t rely on your bike lock, make sure to associate yourself with a local business and bring it inside if possible, or lock it up out of sight under the supervision or perceived supervision of a business.

Like I lock mine in a parking garage that is out of sight of passersby’s and the garage is constantly being frequented by the valets who knows me.

If your travelling and you don’t know anyone then keep a close eye on your bike. When I biked across the country earlier this year I didn’t even carry a lock with me but I brought it inside every Walmart and place of business that I went to, or at least kept it in sight.

But like at Whole Foods, where there are security guards and wealthy people who have their own bikes and people sitting outside and around the bike rack, a basic lock is sufficient, because even to bring out a pair of bolt cutters would attract too much attention.

And here is one of the better bike lock systems I have seen where you have a u lock for the back wheel and the wire lock you can wrap to secure the front wheel. It’s especially good if the rims your riding on are high performance or custom built because they end up costing more than the bike frame its self. And if they’re on a quick release then it just makes it super easy to remove them.


Have a fun ride fam!

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