The Book of EST, by Luke Rhinehart

Back in the 70’s Erhard Seminar Training (EST) was the legendary, controversial enlightenment training.  And since the training has now been discontinued this book is a recreation of what the training was like from the authors point of view.

I didn’t go seeking this book out but it was a recommendation of Dan Kennedy who is an author and business man a I have a lot of respect for, and I was not disappointed by the book, which took me a couple months to get through because it and almost felt as if the book was reading me instead of the other way around.

It ended up being quite insightful and funny and there are some key take away’s I will leave you with:

Never try to run from a sensation, instead go into the feeling and amplify it and totally experience it.

We are all just machines, programmed in a certain way, and programmed to believe we are a unique little snow flake, but there is surprising evidence to the contrary, that we are not that unique in our little quarks that we like to call our own.

And the EST seminars are evidence that in order to really get and understand the above statements on a visceral level, that you have to be in a training for hours on end for four days or out in the woods for days, till you see how ridiculous we can be some times because out in ordinary life we are so zoomed in to the petty every day nonsense.


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