The Church of Movement

All movement is spiritual. And when I say spiritual I mean there is something that is going on that is affecting the way we experience life when we move. From the outside we call it our chemicals that are changing, the little molecules that populate our body are shifting, getting jarred up, worked and stressed, and from the inside it feels just that stressful, till you notice that your body overcompensates and you become stronger and faster and have better flexibility.

Or even from the point of view of working If you don’t work for a while and are stagnate, like on a vacation, how does it feel come Monday when you have to get back on the grind? For most people it’s a dread and stress, mainly because they are I’ll prepared, but that’s for later on in the book.

And from the inside we call this shift in our chemicals a shift in perception or feeling, there is a visceral clear feeling when we move, and the energy that we expend somehow gets replaced with even more and we are able to move even further. A common phrase is that ‘I slept so much and I am still tired’ while another common stereotype is the business owner who has so much to do that he barely sleeps at all but is able to create more in this world and have more energy than a person who is relaxed without purpose.

My theory on this is that like begets like and the more you do the more energy and alert you become. There is of course a sweet spot and I feel it rests right in the moment where you are not working harder or frenzied but you are focused and concentrated.

There’s a really delightful book called the ‘Levels of Energy’ by Fredrick Dodson that describes this ‘level’ of energy as being focused and calmly moving from one task to another deliberately over a long period of time. The book goes on to say that these people are the most productive people on the planet.

Japanese macaques in hot springs, Jigokudani Monkey Park, Japan

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