Thinking Fast and Slow… by Daniel Kahneman

Howdy fam,

It’s that time again and yet another book is down the noggin and this one was a duezy. There aint no way that I’m gonna fit all the goodies from this gem into this post but I’ll do my best to convey how cool this book is and how much it means to your life to understand or at least be aware of how the two systems in your brain the fast and the slow systems work together to create your experience and shape all your decisions and how they can and are being influenced right this very moment… without you even realizing it!

That’s right this very moment what you are doing is being guided by unseen forces that shape your decisions and who you believe that you are, and they are almost impossible to override, even when they go against your best interest, your instinctual system often runs you like a race, and what you think is you is often a lot of post-mortem assessments of decisions that you made, but the only problem is that those decisions are highly influenced by silly or seemingly insignificant stimuli from the outside world, like finding a dime on a printer that changes how happy you see your life as being. Or how about how most people choose a long drawn out medium pain as opposed to a short intense pain, or how we choose a terrible experience over and over again as long as it ends well, and how we weight the value on our existence on how it ends, not how it is lived…

If this stuff spikes a curiosity in you get out and get your face or ears into this book, it’s a keeper and if your like me and fancy yourself to have a brain for business you’re not gonna want to miss how these subjects apply to making that cash-o -laaaa!

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