Why Diets Don’t Work

The fundamental premise of a diet is that you go against and restrict your hunger by using your will power to limit what you eat.

Will Power will desert you.

That’s why you should use Liposuction!

Or you can eat real food. Satiate yourself as much as want, if your a little heavy off real food at least you’ll be functional still and vibrant, then you can play with adjusting the amount and type after you’ve weened yourself off the sugar, white flour and preservatives.

Food can be a complex subject, but if you simplify your sight to look at the end result you’re trying to achieve then it will be easier. So I will simplify your end goal for you, you want to look good and move well. Out of the two Moving Well is a lot easier and more methodical to accomplish than looking good. And the looking good would come later, aaaand eating real food will help you to facilitate the energy to Move well.

So Live well!



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