Why I like Tom Brady

I know Jack shit about sports and I am the last person to be commenting on it but I got censored by a co-worker last night while I was talking to a guest about how Tom Brady pushes the rules.

My view was that it was his job to be working in the grey areas of legality to do everything possible to win, to be a master. And she, slightly drunk, asked me if I lived that way too.

Well yes I responded, I’d rather be the one pushing to see what’s ok and defining the limits of what’s legal than complacently obeying.

The rules are necessary but they only really apply in certain circumstances like games. If, for example, we were in a fight to the death or I was trying to date someone then the idea of rules becomes a whole mesh of grey areas that then become paralyzing if the idea of working on the edge of what is appropriate bothers me.

Especially when in every area that really matters, like these two examples, following arbitrary and popular rules would result in death or masturbating at home.

Like the old saying goes, all’s fair in love and war.


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